About Travel Centre

Everyone has a story. You meet people, see places, learn new facets of life you didn't know existed - everything we just mentioned is stuck in one of the pages of your life, and luckily, we'll be waiting for you when you get to that chapter.

Travel Centre is the sister company of Travel Center UK. Both companies were born as a result of the 37-year excellency of their parent company, Moresand, one of the highly reputed travel agencies in the UK.

We work with several international airlines, nonaligned, to provide unbiased advice on making your journey better. That's not all, though!

Our brand focuses on high-quality travel products & well-planned getaways tuned to your very own budget, but we also have the contentment in providing our customers with the most-sought after in-house discounts and exclusive promotions.

At Travel Centre, it's all about making you happy. It's about making the process of preparation as exciting as the grin-filled journey that follows. Therefore, we're always going to reach beyond the usual for you.

We make it a point to remember that every customer matter - sale or no sale, that's what makes our service different from the others.

Our ultimate goal is to work toward connecting travelers from the USA to the rest of the world. We believe that it's not just about the place. It's about how you get there too. So, why don't you join us?


To be a part of providing a transformative travel experience for our customers and become the world's most trusted & innovative travel agency.


To add an unmatchable value to your vacations by providing quality touristic services through transparent, honest, sustainable travel and customer experience.

What We Represent


Regardless of what kind of vacation you book, Travel Centre will help you find your way to a relaxed take-off. We create memories tailored to your needs and take care of everything else that stands in the way.


Travel Centre works toward giving well-planned escapes to the rest of the world from the United States of America. We guarantee incredible rates suited to your budget, high-quality travel products and above all, the hassle-free booking experience everyone craves.

What We Do

We strive to provide you with a wide variety of carefully hand-picked destinations, tailored to suit your budget and travel fantasies. Whether you are looking for an extensive adventure,