Cookie Policy

Welcome to Travel Centre's official cookie policy statement. In this page, and any other page that revolves around the company's policies - "we", "us", "operator" and "our" / "our website" refers to Travel Centre, and "you", "participant", "passenger", "guest", "client" and "your" refers to you, the user of our website.

Like many other websites, Travel Centre uses cookies. You can read our cookie statement on this page, giving you the full-scope idea of what they are, how you can control it, and why/how we use them.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small clusters of data files that dop onto your browser, mobile device or computer when you visit Travel Centre's website. Cookies help us improve our website's usability and provide us with the information we need to make your visit to our website better.

Which cookies do we use?

Travel Centre uses both 'first-party cookies' and 'third-party cookies. First-party cookies generate and gather information for our own purposes; they are also set up by Travel Centre. Third-party cookies are set up by websites that are linked/connected to our website. For example, this may apply to the social media share buttons you see - such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. These third-party cookies recognize your device when you both visit our website and elsewhere on the internet.

Why do we use cookies?

Different websites use cookies for various reasons. However, we use it with the sole intention of making communication among users much simpler and quicker. Without the implementation of cookies, our website will be challenging to remember a visitor's likes and interests for a future visit. Ultimately, making every visit feel like a new one, is why we utilize cookies.

From time to time, we may also use cookies to target your interests and send advertisements (should you request them) according to your preferences.

Types of cookies

Session or transient cookies

These are some of the simpler forms of cookies. Session/transient cookies do not gather any sort of details from the user's website. They end once the user's browsing experience finishes at our website. It usually becomes no longer available after the session has been idle for 20 minutes or more.

Permanent, persistent or stowed cookies

These are the cookies that - as the name itself states - are permanent. They are not deleted when the browser is closed, and it keeps track of the user's likings for a specific website, enabling the website to make use of that information for a future browsing session. Many websites use permanent cookies to distinguish their users and individually recognize them. Permanent cookies can also record the website's performance, offer details about the number of visitors and show how much time each visitor has spent on the website.

Flash cookies

These cookies will only apply to you if you have Adobe Flash inserted on your computer (most computers). Simply put, these are tiny files containing flash media like video clips. Flash cookies can also be used to back up the data stored on a regular cookie. If you wish to control Flash cookies, you will need to visit Adobe's website to provide the necessary tools to manage the flash cookies on your computer.

Strictly necessary cookies

As the name itself states, these are mandatory cookies placed on a website. These cookies are needed to make the website work; they cannot be switched off under any circumstance. These cookies are only set when you require something from our website - such as when you're filling in a form or requesting your privacy preferences.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies are implemented to provide new tools for the user. They make the website more user-friendly and help generate a more personalized experience. Functional cookies are either set up by third parties who appear on our website or us. Not allowing functional cookies can potentially hinder the usability of our website for you.

How can I control cookies?

At Travel Centre, we will always give you the power to decide whether you want to accept cookies or not. Please note that you can still control cookies using the browser controls. While it's true that web browser controls vary, your browser's help menu is sure to give you information on how to reject cookies. If you decide to reject all cookies, then it might disrupt the usage of our website.

Are cookies dangerous?

No. Cookies do not pose any kind of threat to your device. They are only tiny files of text. Therefore, they cannot be utilized or programmed to harm your device or browser with any kind of viruses.

Can cookies threaten users' privacy?

Cookies are kept on the very surface of the computer's hard drive. They cannot fully enter the hard drive, making it impossible for a cookie to read the other information saved on the hard drive or get access to it in any sort of way. Cookies only hold and convey data to the server as much data as the website users themselves have revealed.

How to delete cookies

All popular browsers offer users a standard amount of control over the cookies placed on a website. Users should consider and assign their browsers to accept or refuse all or specific cookies. Many web browsers provide special ad-blocking software, extensions or tools that will help you disable or block all existing cookies. IOS or Android users can also manage how information is used for specific purposes, such as advertising through your device settings.

Users could also assign their browsers to block them every time a cookie is provided. If you have a different browser type, please get in touch with us. You could also control Adobe Local Shared Objects on your computer, famous as LSOs or Flash cookies, but not with your browser. As an alternative, Adobe's website provides tools to control Flash cookies on your computer. Users of the Firefox browser could also get an add-on to notice and delete Flash cookies.

Keeping up to date with our cookie policy

We may update our cookie policy from time to time. Please ensure that it is the user's responsibility to check back and confirm whether they are comfortable with this cookie statement's conditions. Travel Centre will not be held accountable for any kind of negligence from the user's end.

For more information on how you can control your personal information, please visit our Privacy Policy